Saturday, June 20, 2020


America is losing its mind. Some citizens believe anything they see or hear. Fox News is the 'go to' place for those who will not or cannot read.  They never question why it is that one news organization has cornered the market on truth. 
Republicans, both plain and famed, are leaving the party every day, yet the party faithful are blind to that. They are also blind to the fact that the news can't report any similar defections from the Democrats, as there aren't any. They are blind to any fact that doesn't fit the Republican worldview.   
I was reading the New York Times this morning and that's why I feel this way 'America is losing its mind'. News from all over the globe tells the same story. Trump is mentally ill. Lots of people are handicapped with some form of mental illness. But, lots of people don't have the codes to start a nuclear war. Trump should not, but he does.
Right now, the Trump loyalists are certain that the antifa are creating all of this discord. The antifa and believers in Black Lives Matter. They know that those who believe in protest are actually ready to start the violence. Protest=Violence. That is the message being spread to Law Enforcement.  
Yet the police would be unable to tell you where the antifa meet to plan these things. They would be unable to locate the national, state, county and city headquarters of the antifa. And who are the leaders?  antifa is a heck of an organization if they can plan and pull off all sorts of violent acts, without any organization. In Coquille Oregon, the sheriff and concerned citizens with rifles, gathered downtown They planned for a bus load of antifa that were coming to spread terror in their little town. And that sheriff told the sheriffs of neighboring counties. They got ready as well. And then they waited and waited and waited...Then they told reporters that it was their unified show of force that stopped the antifa from showing up. And we lost our chance to see some real antifa as they would be forced off the bus and into the county jail. Another day...
I think I know why the Trump faithful act as they do; they don't read. Not even for enjoyment. And they never read anything that might upset their well established views, Their leader doesn't read and he seems to think less of those who do. So, even if an article looks interesting, they choose safety every time, and close the cover.I can tell it will be a long, long summer. Then fall will bring hints of violence on every Fox News show. It won't be a call to arms, yet. But it will reveal which direction the political winds are blowing and how hard.      

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